Six decades. Yet those seeking to improve are always just starting out!

The history of Göpfert Maschinen tells of the search for something better; for quality which provides more.


In this year, the young Albin Göpfert passed his master's certificate. He established a mechanical engineering workshop at his parents’ residence in Marktbreit. Albin Göpfert repaired machines of all kinds, forged railings and produced seats for tractors. And he invested in the extension of the workshop. During this time, a cardboard box factory asked him to modernise their factory equipment. Subsequent to this, Albin Göpfert received his first order for a cutting and slitting machine.

In order to save money, Albin Göpfert invested in a simple, cheap lathe. An initial error. But he turned even this experience into a profit: from now on, quality is his only standard.


10 years later, Albin Göpfert had made quite a name for himself. Customers came back time and again, and there were more to follow. A new hall on the Mainleite in Marktbreit provided more space.


The young engineering graduate Karl F. Göpfert entered the company, and a new chapter in its success story began. The six employees developed and constructed innovative machines, which were completely different to those of established manufacturers, meaning that customers with individual requirements increasingly came to see them. These customers needed machines which didn't yet exist, and they got them in a quality and reliability which is still our trademark today. The standard of delivering "More Machine" has been set.


Increasing success requires more space.  This was the reason for the move to Wiesentheid, which is still our site today.


The Göpfert SRE Boxmaker was developed. Small series therefore became more economical to produce than ever before. This was a milestone, and this machine was installed over 450 times over the next 35 years. The designer was Karl F. Göpfert.


After only three years at the new site, expansion of the company required more space, and a second hall was built.


Siglinde Göpfert entered the company. The wife of Karl F. Göpfert is still Managing Director for the Purchasing and Materials Management Departments today.


In this year, the BGM corporation was founded. This was a project by the Bahmüller and Göpfert companies for the sale of inline systems. Karl F. Göpfert developed the Jumbo-Slotter - a machine which paved the way for the new corporation with its success on the market.


Once again, success led to further expansion. Hall No. 3 provided the solution.


The first IT system was introduced, with a PPS and ERP system. The company was well-equipped for what lay ahead.


Göpfert Maschinen GmbH had now been in existence for 35 years. In summary: the company had reached the top. The delivery of the world's largest Flexo-Printer-Slotter to Australia with a width of 5.5 metres underlined the demands for unusual machines and improved quality.


This was a particularly innovative year: a new, additional installation hall accelerated production, Inline machines were now being built in the widths 2.4 m, 2.8 m and 3.6 m. The slitter-scorer was developed. By 1994, over 50 dry ends for the corrugator had been delivered, consisting of short rotary shears, a slitter-scorer machine and a dry end control.


In this year, a CAD system was introduced to ensure quality with a new standard of precision


The office building was extended to provide more room for the Administration Department.


The Göpfert Boxmaker SRE Mini was produced! Small formats and series in the processing of corrugated cardboard became even more economical. The development of the quickest slitter-scorer machines for non-stop order change on a corrugated cardboard system of 280m/min. was a huge success. Ester Göpfert, engineering graduate ( Dipl.-Ing./FH), began her career in the family-run company.


The first direct-drive rotary die-cutter is developed. Its name was Evolution.


The Electrical Assembly and Paintshop Departments were provided with more space in a new hall.


More space was provided in this year for Assembly, Storage and Administration in additional rooms and a new hall.


André Göpfert entered the family-run company as an engineering graduate ( Dipl.-Ing./FH). His responsibilities were focussed on Sales and Product Management.


With flexo post print, too, Göpfert were able to set new standards; in this year the first Ovations were delivered.


The siblings Esther and André Göpfert both rose to the position of Managing Director within the company: Esther Göpfert for Personnel and Administration, and André Göpfert for Marketing and Sales in the USA.


This was an exceptional year: the new double rotary die-cutter Evolution HBL won the FEFCO Golden Award for Technical Innovation.


The purchase of the adjoining 10,000 m2 neighbouring property ensured more room for growth.


Göpfert Maschinen GmbH celebrated its 60-year anniversary.


The number of employees increases to over 320.


Construction of new assembly hall and new office building starts.


© Photo W. Rößner

Construction of new assembly hall is finished.
The number of employees increases to 375.