How a lathe changed Albin Göpfert's life, and shaped a company.

Money was scarce in the 1950s. But one young man, Albin Göpfert, had set himself a high target: his machines should be used to process corrugated board efficiently for the first time. Albin Göpfert had to be careful when investing in his new company. He decided on a particularly inexpensive lathe.

However, this inexpensive lathe wasn't all it was made out to be. Albin Göpfert lost two things: money and the possibility of being able to carry out lathe work. The necessary repairs to the machine were expensive. With the additional costs he could have bought a better lathe at the beginning. In spite of this, he profited from the experience, as he realised the value of quality at this early stage.

Albin Göpfert's target became a vision: a vision of designing machines which could do more than what was expected of them. Machines which lasted longer and were more economic to run. This conviction has been realised in every Göpfert machine. Today, almost 70 years later, we would call this being conscious of the value of optimum quality: