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These machines can make your question marks turn into exclamation marks!

Should your printing be more convincing than usual? Should the register accuracy be more precise, or the options for adaptation to your corrugated board processing more variable? Should the economic efficiency be higher? In these cases, Ovation and Impression are the Göpfert machines which can do more for you. And using the FD Göpfert Corrugator, you can print endlessly!

The Göpfert Ovation: One for all.
If it is quality you're looking for, the Göpfert Ovation just can't be stopped: simply setup while run. This Flexo Post printer can be accessed at any time as a High Board Line version, thus saving you valuable time, accelerating processing and allowing you to remain flexible. The countless other modular options such as dryers, chamber doctor blade and laser-engraved anilox rollers are of added benefit.
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The Göpfert Impression: Performance concentrated on what matters.
You're looking for the performance of a Göpfert Ovation, but are also able to reach your targets with a smaller range of functions? In that case the Göpfert Impression with flexo post print and vacuum feed unit is the right one for you. Servo-direct drive, offline or inline. And with fantastic results in up to eight colours. Modular possibilities allow chamber doctor blade, laser-engraved anilox rollers and many other optional extensions.
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The Göpfert FD Corrugator: Print directly off the roller.
Continuous printing during processing: use the Göpfert FD Corrugator to add a dash of colour even on simpler printing qualities. A reliable and economically viable method of refinement direct at the corrugator.
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